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May 2005 - The NEXO/CAMCO system provided for Herbalife's 25th anniversary gala at the Georgia Dome is the largest GEO T tangent-array ever to be used in the USA. Sound designer Chris Beale of SSE Hire (UK) worked closely with Gand Concert Sound (Illinois) and NEXO USA to provide record-breaking sound reinforcement services for this remarkable corporate event with its highlight, a private concert by Sir Elton John.

This year, to mark its silver anniversary with its biggest event to date, Herbalife welcomed more than 40,000 people to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. With its own NEXO GEO T inventory already committed to tours and events in Europe, SSE sub-contracted Gand Concert Sound from Glenview, IL, to provide speakers and electronics for the show, with additional support from NEXO USA.

The system was entirely powered by CAMCO Vortex 6 amplifiers, nearly 40 of them providing 250,000W of power. The Herbalife design situated GEO T arrays in a L,C,R configuration trimmed nearly 100 feet above the stage. Left and right arrays comprised 16x T4805s with 2x T2815 downfill boxes in each hang. In the centre, the 28-box array (26x T4805s with 2x T2815s) qualifies as the longest ever to be flown in the USA. Either side of the stage, behind video screens, were two stacks of 3x NEXO CD18 sub-bass units, and under the stage, another 16x CD18s spread at regular intervals along the front of the stage.

Sound designer Chris Beale commented, ''this was a very complex show that had been in planning for more than four months. It was really pleasing for me to be able to design with what I consider to be an excellent solution for the event with an exceptional PA system, and to have it implemented by such a talented team of people.''
Chris Beale
Birmingham, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1527 52 88 22

Gary Gand
Gand Concert Sound
Glenview, IL